Dr. Rossi was Interviewed Regarding Trump Hope

In a recent article on WJLA Dr. Rossi was interviewed regarding Trump hope, and whether he could persuade those who did not vote for him that things will get better.

Donald Trump Continues Negative Behavior

Donald Trump continues negative behavior in the 3rd and final presidential debate. Did that make Hillary Clinton look good? Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, a political psychologist provides his insights in

Donald Trump has a clear breathing problem.

Donald Trump has a clear breathing problem according to Dr. Bart Rossi. PhD, a clinical and political psychologist.

Hillary Clinton Will Win The Presidency 2016

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency 2016 -- according to an article entitled "Analysis on 2016 Primary Presidential election" in New Theory. The article was based on the opinions of

GOP Debate Refuels

The GOP debate refuels in this most recent staging, and the Daily News turned to three political experts to assess the performances, pick winners and losers, and explain their choices.

Insiders pick Democratic debate winners and losers

Insiders pick Democratic debate winners and losers was the title of the article in the Daily News. It assess who did well, who didn't and why. The political experts recruited

Insider Mag Highlights Dr. Bart Rossi’s Views of the GOP Debate

Insider Magazine sees millennials as disengaged from social media about politics. In a recent article Insider Mag highlights Dr. Bart Rossi's  views of the GOP debate, noting that this political psychologist has

Dr. Bart Rossi Compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP Debate

Dr. Bart Rossi compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP debate for the Daily News. He evaluated their showings by comparing personalities, likability, consistency and presidential tenor.

A Psychological View of the Struggles of the Millennial Bridesmaid

In an article entitled "7 Struggles Of Being A Millennial Bridesmaid That Make It Way Less Fun" by Jessica Schirripa of Elite Daily, she reached out to Dr. Bart Rossi,

“Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste” says Dr. Bart Rossi

During a Daily News interview with a noted political psychologist, "Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste" says Dr. Bart Rossi.