Trump Follower Psychology 101

High Anxiety In the White House

Is there high anxiety in the White House? And if so, then what is the cause of it? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. addresses these and other points on 360 Market

Opioid use Spikes in U.S.

The opioid use spikes in the U.S., and Dr.  Bart Rossi, PhD. a clinical psychologist provides some insights to what is going on. Couple's are collapsing and nodding

Analysing the First Trump – Clinton Debate

The Daily News expert panel analyzing the first Trump-Clinton debate consisted of Jim Manley,

Hillary Clinton Speaks at DNC

Hillary Clinton Speaks at DNC. Hillary Clinton addressed millions of Americans and talked about her plans if elected president. WINK News Political Consultant Dr. Bart Rossi discussed her nomination speech.

Climate Change Debate

VIDEO: The Fresh Look has a panel discussion on climate change. As Dr. Rossi wrote about several weeks ago, "there appears to be a consensus as high as 97 percent among

George W Bush Talk Show Appearances

George W Bush talk show appearancess are front and center in the Lightning Round on this weeks The Fresh Outlook with Frank Cipolla, featuring political psychologist Doctor Bart

The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later Part II

The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later Part II continues with insight from prominent political psychologist Doctor Bart Rossi on The Fresh Outlook, hosted by Frank Cipolla. Was John F. Kennedy

The JFK assassination 50 years later Part I

The JFK assassination 50 years later. Doctor Bart Rossi joins the panel on The Fresh Outlook to discuss the theories, facts and speculation that continue to mystify us even today. What

Doctor Bart Rossi appeared as the Keynote Speaker

Doctor Bart Rossi appeared as the keynote speaker at the meeting of the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City New Jersey.The topic of his speech was  "A Winning Personality in