Freedom of Speech Vs Hate

Freedom of speech vs hate is a discussion again. In the aftermath of the shooting at an anti-Islamic art exhibit, Dr. Bart Rossi PhD joins the panel -- as the

“Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste” says Dr. Bart Rossi

During a Daily News interview with a noted political psychologist, "Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste" says Dr. Bart Rossi.

Fresh Outlook Nominated for 2 EMMYS

The news forum show The Fresh Outlook, where political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi Ph.D is a regular member of the discussion panel, has been nominated to two EMMY awards.

Robin Williams: Life and Legacy

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. again joins the panel as political psychologist for the Fresh Outlook  as the story in this episode revolves around the sudden and surprising death of actor.