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The Final Debate Analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD

The Final Debate analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD. dosn't fair well for Donald Trump. Using his clinical psychology background fused with his credibility as the WINK News political analyst he

Donald Trump Continues Negative Behavior

Donald Trump continues negative behavior in the 3rd and final presidential debate. Did that make Hillary Clinton look good? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a

How The Candidates Should Approach the Final Presidential Debate

How the candidates should approach the final Presidential debate to capture the undecided votes. Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD,  political contributor for WINK News, Campaign Central shares his views.

Does Your Doctor’s Politics Matter

Does Your Doctor's Politics Matter? This is the question posed to Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD in this segment with Danielle Masterson of WHDT. Does his views on Marijuana, abortion and other daily life choices

Dr. Rossi Analyzes the Second Presidential Debate

Dr. Rossi Analyzes the Second Presidential Debate . The political contributor talks about his whizzing, his sniffling. Did anything they did move the polling numbers?

Donald Trump has a clear breathing problem.

Donald Trump has a clear breathing problem according to Dr. Bart Rossi. Ph.D., a clinical and

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses VP debate

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses VP debate, and whether the debate will have any impact on the overall election. What should Pense say in defending Trump. And what about Kaine's task?

Analysing the First Trump – Clinton Debate

The Daily News expert panel analyzing the first Trump-Clinton debate consisted of Jim Manley,

Insights into The Upcoming First Presidential Debate 2016

Insights into the upcoming first presidential debate 2016 is the topic on this episode of Campaign Central (WINK News, ABC Florida) with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. In this highly

State Of Affairs Episode 1 Hilary Clinton And Emails

State Of Affairs Episode 1 Hillary Clinton And Emails a podcast with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. The emails have gotten lots and lots of press. So what is