Campaign Methods in the 2016 Presidential Race

Campaign Methods in the 2016 Presidential Race vary from candidate to candidate. With new polls showing Hillary Clinton at 50%, Donald Trump at 37%,Gary Johnson at 7% and Jill Stein

Trump Vs. Kahn

Trump vs. Kahn sounds like a title fight, and for Donald Trump it well may be. He has attacked the mother of fallen U.S.A. soldier without hesitation or apology. Hillary

Hillary Clinton Speaks at DNC

Hillary Clinton Speaks at DNC. Hillary Clinton addressed millions of Americans and talked about her plans if elected president. WINK News Political Consultant Dr. Bart Rossi discussed her nomination speech.

An Early View of the Democratic Convention 2016

An Early View of the Democratic Convention with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. Philadelphia buzzing with activity with a large Sanders support group there protesting, but will this convention be

The 2016 Vice President Matchup

The 2016 Vice President matchup has many options for both Trump and Clinton. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. joins Campaign Central on WINK News to offer his insights.

Donald Trump From a Psychological Perspective

Donald Trump from a psychological perspective --as he raises money and then bashes the media. Some continue to question his temperament, and misdirection. Other's say he is playing the media? Is

The Psychology Behind the Presidential Election

The psychology behind the Presidential election looks first at hillary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders, and then at Donald Trump Vs the Republican elite. A WHDT News interview with political psychologist

Big Tuesday Primaries Follow Up

Big Tuesday Primaries follow up with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. again appearing on WINK-TV's Campaign Central to discuss what's happening in the race for president.

Hillary Clinton Will Win The Presidency 2016

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency 2016 -- according to an article entitled "Analysis on 2016 Primary Presidential election" in New Theory. The article was based on the opinions of

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Says Clinton beats Trump in a General Election

Political psychologist Dr. Bart Ross PhD says Clinton beats Trump in a general election, but also defends Trump regarding the convention.  Joining host Logan Crawford, with guest panelists Alain Sanders