Afghanistan and Pandemic Policy Missteps

Afghanistan and pandemic policy missteps have surged to the forefront of national discourse.  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. join ABC affiliate WinK News Florida to discuss.

As the pandemic continues to rage, with new spikes across the country ignited by the Delta variant. As the center of controversy, in the epicenter of the virus, is Governor DeSantis of Florida. He is walking a difficult path as he continues to try and block any mitigation efforts by businesses, townships, and school boards.

Gov. DeSantis has long resisted any efforts to curb the virus spread. Throughout 2020 Florida was one of the most open states in the country, and also had some of the highest cases, hospitalizations, and deaths per capita in the country. Yet DeSantis remained defiant against any mitigation.

Now with the Delta variant spiking, and Flordia once again is at the epicenter. Still, his executive orders have included banning any business from enforcing any mitigation rules. An executive order blocks schools from imposing mask mandates, but some of the biggest school districts in Florida voted to defy that order. DeSantis also signed an executive order to block the cruise line industry that docks in Flrodia from imposing proof of vaccination to board their ships. In August he lost that battle.

Considered a frontrunner for the Presidential race in 2024, Gov. DeSantis continues to resist any and all COVID-19 restrictions.

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News with the rallying cry that any mandates infringe on civil liberties.  saying he would introduce bills to band any mask or vaccine mandates.

Afghanistan and Pandemic Policy Missteps

In this short episode, Dr. Rossi speaks to these and other topics.


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