Dr. Rossi discusses Alabama senate race

Alabama Senate Race

Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, political physiologist. stopped into the WINK News studio to discuss the Alabama Senate race, and the potential fall out.

Fort Myer, Fla. Considering that Trump carried Alabama by 30 points, and it is historically a deep red state, it would have been inconceivable for a Democrat to win just a short time ago. But,  once a long shot, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s open Senate seat.

WINK News reporter Kristin Sanchez sat with psychologist and political commentator Dr. Bart Rossi. to discuss the special election results.

Clearly the pedophilia allegations against Moore played a big part in Republications turning away from him. When Donald trump weighed in to support Roy Moore and the RNC again provided campaign funds, there was an uptick in the polls. But it was not enough.

Many Republicans on capital hill called for Roy Moore to drop out of the race, which he diffidently refused to do.

So the big discussion across the news network shows is whether the republicans could put morality before party. In many cases they did.

This seems to be the first crack in the alt right extremism where tribalism reached a limit of how far they would go simply to support their party. So the republicans need to rethink their brand — do they push forward under the Trump-Bannon philosophy, or move more to the middle, and become a party willing to negotiate.

How badly has the Roy Moore loss hurt Steve Bannon’s credibility as a king-maker? Earlier he said he’d be supporting alt-right candidates across the country and coming for any sitting congressman or senator not in line with the Trump agenda. However, losing in a deep red state that has not seen a democrat win there in a quarter century calls into question Bannon’s ability to deliver.

And how badly has this tarnished President Trump after he jumped all in backing Roy Moore at his Florida rally, and a pre-election robo-call? He had been able to rattle his base to threaten many lawmakers to fall in step previously, but as the midterms loom closer does Trump now show cracks in his armor; this would leave republicans up for election to shy away from those things Trump says that they don’t support, or outright speak out against them.

2018 should be an interesting turn of events.

Alabama Senate Race And What’s Next



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