Analysis of Supreme Court Justice Nomination

Political psychologist Bart Rossi, PhD, provides an analysis of Supreme Court justice nomination forthcoming by President Trump. Who they are, and what they stand for, and the direction of the new Court.

With President Trump having the opportunity to select a second nomination to the Supreme Court,  it will certainly have an impact for decades to come.

Only 50 votes will be needed in the Senate to confirm his nomination, as Vice President Pense can break a tie, pushing the votes to the needed 51. So the odds are very good that his nomination will be confirmed.

The only possible setback would be if the Mueller Investigation implicates Trump in any wrong-doing. In that case, it would potentially be a conflict of interest for the President to nominate someone to the court. Afterall, any case concerning President Trump would likely end up in front of the Supreme Court. This could include whether a sitting president can be indicted, etc.

But barring that, the short list from which he would nominate the empty chair left by Kennedy’s retirement would likely be:

  • Judge Amy Coney Barett. She is a traditionally conservative on issues like abortion, voting issues, religious freedom.
  • Judge Kavanaugh, from the 6th district. with two degrees from Yale, President Trump likes.
  • Judge Kethledge is an advocate for presidential rights, and that may be a significant position that the president might feel would swing the court into his corner.

Analysis of Supreme Court Justice Nomination

The new Supreme Court will likely take up the hot-button topics like overturning Roe Vs. Wade. the death penalty, and moving to give more power to the states.


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