Dr. Bart Rossi discusses Manafort Conviction, Cohen Plea

Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi discusses Manafort conviction, Cohen plea with WINK News. Do the latest results impact President Trump?  Should it?

Speculation has been brewing for months. And suspense and speculation are after all what reality TV is all about. But while President Trump has been keeping people guessing as to what he’ll do or say next, the Russia Investigation pushes on.

People — the president, and the White House aides — have speculated whether Paul Manafort would flip. Thus far he hasn’t. The same was anticipated about Cohen, and he seems to have, having pled guilty to several charges just a few days ago.

Paul Manafort, however, being found guilty on 8 of 18 criminal counts against him (and recent info made public suggests he would have been found guilty on all `18 had it not been for 1 juror holdout), facing 8-10 years in prison, still has to contend with another trial coming up, and very likely a retrial on the charges with the hung jury. That is a lot to unpack.

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses Manafort Conviction, Cohen charges

It has been thought for some time that if anyone had insider information about what happened at various events and meetings, for example, the Trump Tower meeting that included him, Russians, Jared Kushner and Don Jr., it would be Mr. Manafort.

While the White House, the president, and his attorney Rudy Giuliani have been commenting on what’s unfolding, a big question remains: Is the Manafort bank fraud linked to the campaign or Russia? Thus far, Mueller isn’t saying.

And what about president Trump signaling that he might pardon Manafort? Trump has been consistent that there was no collusion, no obstruction. Would pardoning Manafort betray that claim?

What should Trump be saying? Watch this episode for those suggestions.

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