Biden Infrastructure

The Biden infrastructure plan is getting pushback Will it pass? Gaetz scandal rocks D.C. And there is a new bill to limit protesters. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses.

The Biden infrastructure plan — The ‘American Jobs Plan‘ — was released and has gotten pushback. Firstly, President Biden aims to go beyond roads and bridges. It looks to address other items, such as broadband infrastructure. In his address, Biden said ..

“The idea of infrastructure has always evolved to meet the aspirations of the American people and their needs. And it’s evolving again today. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky called it a ‘Trojan Horse.’ President Biden was quick to respond: “Is it really your position, my friends, that our veterans don’t deserve the most modern facilities? He was quick to point out and continued: “failing to pass a large infrastructure plan would put the country at a competitive disadvantage abroad especially with China and warned that failing to work together to pass a broad package could weaken the global perception of democracy.”

Many Republicans, as well as some Democrats, have said he planned 28% corporate tax rate was too high. Biden acknowledges that he is willing to discuss it, saying that “I’m wide open to that, but we gotta pay for this.”

Jan Psaki noted in a press briefing that:

compromise is inevidable, changes are cetain; inaction is not an option 

A bipartisan infrastructure package of $800 million is getting pushback from some Democrats.

Biden Infrastructure

In this episode, political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi addresses all three of these topics.


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