Biden Moving Quickly with Rollouts

Biden moving quickly with rollouts is creating heachaches for the GOP. Democrats push forward the 1.9 trillion dollar relief plan, as Biden signs executive orders, and mobilizes FEMA and the Pentegon.  Political psychologist Dr. Bar Rossi, Ph.D. discusses actions, motivations, and outcomes.

Biden has made it clear from the beginning that his immediate priorities were to combat the coronavirus,  reopen schools safely, provide relief to individual households and local businesses. It seems like just yesterday that there was no active coronavirus plan because President Trump kept telling the population that there was nothing to worry about, that they (he) had it all under control, and it was now behind us.

So what has been done to date?

  1. President Biden pushed Congress to pass a 1.9 trillion dollar package,
  2. Biden met with GOP leaders to try to hash out a unified compromise.
  3. He has issued 20+ executive orders, much of it to reverse what he calls ‘bad policy.’
  4. As he said in December, he invoked the Defense Production Act.
  5. DPA, plus FEMA requested assistance from the Pentagon.

The Democrat-led Congress is moving quickly without Republicans to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package after the GOP dragged their feet and opposed the bill. According to Dr. Rossi, the Democrats are going to move quickly because they know that they’ll be judged in the midterms based on how well and how quickly they act.

“People will look at ‘how does it affect me'” before they think about the party.

Biden Moving Quickly with Rollouts

In this episode Dr. Rossi discusses the political psychology of Biden and the Democrats moving fast and sans GOP.

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