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Big Tuesday Primaries Follow Up

Big Tuesday Primaries follow up with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. again appearing on WINK-TV’s Campaign Central to discuss what’s happening in the race for president.

 According to Dr. Rossi it is essentially over with Clinton and Trump the nominees.  Bernie needs to start thinking about an exit, but he is still a very important player in this election. Bernie has a role to play in unifying the party, with many of his supporters saying they wouldn’t vote for Clinton if Bernie loses the nomination.

Hillary Clinton is well poised to differentiate herself from Trump, and she will now begin honing her approach for the general election. “I think she has become a better candidate because of Bernie Sanders, but she also needs to incorporate a bit of him into her own persona. She could move towards a sensible tax plan that the Republicans could get behind, and that would rise her up.”

From a psychologist point of view, Cruz has actually helped Trump by handing him this “it’s rigged” approach.  But Trump has a big task to undo — in the general election — some of the damage he has done; discounting immigrants; gays and minorities, climate change, and other issues. In the general election he has to become more presidential. The primaries were a good forum for him to stand up an be the authoritarian, but that won’t play as well in a general election.

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