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What is Political Psychology?

Dr. Rossi is a career psychologist that over the past decade has been a featured guest on many show segments for television, radio, and podcasts to discuss the political psychology

First Amendment Perversion

Anti-Protest Laws Sweep Across America

Anti-Protest Laws Sweep Across America

The Long Term Virus Problem

What is the long term virus problem that America faces? We're all aware of the short-term problems -- from social distancing, feeling alone, and the economy tanking. In an interview,

Our Changing U.S. Republic

Our changing U.S. republic is based not only on extreme partisanship but also on what we do as a country vs. what we say to others.

Trending Progressive

Trump and the American Economy

Trump and the American economy are at odds. There are crucial areas that instantly demand Trump’s attention

Trump Follower Psychology 101

High Anxiety In the White House

Is there high anxiety in the White House? And if so, then what is the cause of it? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. addresses these and other points on 360 Market