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Trump Reverses Russia Comments

Trump reverses Russia comments that he made at the U.S. - Russia summit. President Trump offered a clarification, saying that he used the word "would" when he should have said

How Communities in Florida Deal with Hurricane Irma

FORT MYERS, Fla. Thousands are struggling to recover weeks after Irma made landfall in Florida. To better understand how people deal with the anxiety and stress of such a devastating

Emmy Awards 2014 Picks The Fresh Outlook

Emmy Awards 2014 Picks The Fresh Outlook a winner. Hosted on is a public affairs show dealing with national and international events and politics. Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. is a

Fresh Outlook Nominated for 2 EMMYS

The news forum show The Fresh Outlook, where political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi Ph.D is a regular member of the discussion panel, has been nominated to two EMMY awards.

Doctor Bart Rossi appeared as the Keynote Speaker

Doctor Bart Rossi appeared as the keynote speaker at the meeting of the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City New Jersey.The topic of his speech was  "A Winning Personality in

Dr. Rossi will be a guest to provide psychological insight about the candidates performance on  Jansing & Co

Election 2012

Dr. Rossi added to panel of experts for New York Daily News to discuss  the presidential

NJLoM Annual Convention Speech

November 15, 2011: Dr. Rossi will be a speaker at the annual convention for the New Jersey League of Municipalities, presenting a talk about A Winning

Penn State Scandal

November 19 & 20 on New Jersey News 12 TV: Power and Politics show, Dr. Rossi will be providing his psychological perspectives and insights regarding this