Changing Texas

A changing Texas in the wake of a violent winter storm and energy blackout. Political psychologist Dr. Rossi, Ph.D. discusses the changing political climate in Texas. 

Texas suffered a catastrophic failure during the recent storm that overwhelmed the energy grid and set the stage for the Ted Cruz scandal — when he raced off to Cancun with family and friends. As soon as he was captured on camera, it set off a firestorm of backlash and, he immediately booked a ticket to return to Texas the next day. Upon his return back to Texas he and the GOP setoff on a rewriting history tour, making one excuse — refuted by evidence to the contrary — after another.

Meanwhile, President Biden quickly and quietly moved to provide aid to the state. Texas Governor Abbott thanked the President for the assistance, but also noted it was only ‘partial” approval.

President Biden FEMA to provide relief, which it has since done.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), the liberal congresswoman from New York that the GOP loves to hate, raised $5 Million dollars for Texas relief and also flew to Texas to help in the ground.

Conservative media were in unison, along with Governor Abbott in placing the blame for the Texas energy blackout on ‘the Green New Deal.’ The only problem is that there is no green new deal in Texas. Moreover, green energy in Texas in a minority of energy source, and it performed above expectations during the Texas storm.

Changing Texas

Texas is a changing state according to Dr, Bart Rossi. And in this episisode he discusses his thoughts on how Texas is changing,a nd what impact it could have on national elections.

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