Chief Justice Roberts and Trump Impeachment

Chief Justice Roberts and Trump Impeachment will be entangled in the coming month. How does Chief Justice Roberts impact the trial?  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi explores it in this episode on Wink This Morning.

With the House of Representatives voting the adopt Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, it will now move to the Senate for a trial. Well, that is, when House Speaker Pelosi finally sends it over to the Senate.

To date, she has held it in an attempt to pressure Senate Majority Leader McConnell to negotiate in good faith with Minority Leader Schumer on the trial rules. This, in part, is due to McConnell publicly stating that he will not be an impartial juror. Lyndsey Graham said the same.

A Senate impeachment trial looming in the coming weeks ahead, the chief justice that Trump once called a ‘disaster’ will preside. The President and Roberts have publicly sparred on several occasions last year.  What seems to escape the President is that we are based on a set of laws and a Constitution. It is, therefore, the job of politicians to figure out how to govern and stay within those guidelines, not for the Courts to ignore the law simply because the President can’t navigate it.

Chief Justice Roberts and Trump Impeachment

So, what, if any, material impact will Chief Justice Roberts have on the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.  In this episode, Dr. Rossi provides some insights as to what Roberts might be thinking.



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