Colt Suspends Production of AR-15

Colt suspends the production of AR-15 assault weapons. This has pushed the gun debate back into the national discussion. Gun control, bans, background checks, this move will spark all those debates.

Dr. Bart Rossi joins the WINK News team to discuss this new episode in the national gun debate. With 19 deadly mass shootings so far this year, it is beyond epic proportions. Clearly, the U.S.A. is has a problem.  Two more people were killed (with 8 others injured) Saturday at The Old Skool Bar in Lancaster, South Carolina.

The gun debate in America has always been framed as the 2nd Amendment vs. anti-gun rhetoric. Neither rhetoric is truly accurate. While Democrats have been pushing for gun reform, especially deeper and stricter background checks, gun advocates frame it as the government’s attempt to “take away our guns.”

In the wake of the most recent shootings in Texas, Ohio, and now South Carolina,  politicians have pushed the discussion back onto the national stage. Some will argue that overzealous remarks by Beto O’Roark are hurting the anti-gun movement, and providing ammunition for the NRA and gun advocates. But, they also say we can’t play it safe any longer.

Dick’s Sport Goods stopped the sale of guns in 125 stores in March, followed by Walmart ceasing sales of certain guns and ammunition after the El Paso shootings. Now, Colt follows.

With all the rhetoric and deaths, Senate Speaker Mitch McConnel says he won’t bring gun legislation to the floor of the Senate without Trump’s guidance.

Colt Suspends Production of AR-15

In this episode on WINK News, psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. weighs in on his thoughts on the current gun culture in America.



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