Coping with the Covid19 Pandemic

Coping with the Covid19 pandemic begins with understanding what it is, and how to manage it in it one’s own life. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. appeared on Wink News to provide some insights.

We’ve been forced to change our behavior in these past few months due to Covid19. What impact will that have on us personally post-Covid19?

As a nation, we’ve all been subjected to post-traumatic stress, some more than others?

We discussed that in a previous segment, discussing how the country will open, and how we will impact that opening and our ‘new normal.’

There have been many predictions from the government and health experts. The go-forward plans, however, isn’t — or shouldn’t be how and when, but also human behavior. As we’ve recently seen, people have been getting impatient and taken to the streets in open protest.

The President has come out publically calling for the liberation of states. Many governors and health experts have pushed back.

“I fear, if we open up too early and we have not sufficiently made that health recovery and cracked the back of this virus, that we could be pouring gasoline on the fire, even inadvertently,” Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Many have heard Trump’s call to action, as there have been open protests, in Michigan and Ohio. Protesters in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, New Hampshire, Idaho, Texas, and California gathered in cities and outside their state legislatures to demand the reopening of the economy.

All this, while Covid19 cases have surpassed 700,000.

Coping with the Covid19 Pandemic

While the Bill Of Rights matters, so does the cause and effect of it. On the one hand, many feel that the government telling people they can’t go to church, for example, or that they can’t go to work and earn to feed their families is a violation of the Bill Of Rights. On the other side, the practical reality is that if the Covid19 isn’t contained, the Bill Of Rights won’t help anyone. In fact, it will refuel a new round of Covid19 resurgence bring us back to square one, having to deal with the virus all over again.

While everyone would agree that hope can be a positive and powerful motivator, unrealistic expectations can be devastating when unreached. And this an have a negative impact on the people required to fuel the post-Covid19 economy.

in this segment Dr. Bart Rossi weighs in on what to hope for, and what to look for.

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