Coronavirus and Election Tensions

The coronavirus and election tensions were on a collision course as we approached Super Tuesday. What was the impact, and who — if anyone — is benefitting in the chaos, Biden, Sanders, or Trump? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. weighs in on the virus, the election, and how politicians should handle the crisis.

President Trump has been playing down the coronavirus for weeks. He noted in February that it would ‘go away.’ At one point, he noted at a press conference that there were only 15 cases [and that they were getting better] and soon there would be zero cases in the United States. He also noted that by spring the warm weather would dissipate the virus.  The fact that the virus is still accelerating in Iran and across the middle east, however, would suggest that warm weather isn’t slowing the virus down.


Coronavirus and Election Tensions

President Trump has been very vocal about the virus, sometimes in direct contradiction to health experts.  Dr. Rossi noted that President Trump can benefit from the crisis “if his administration is perceived as being on top of it, and if they are perceived as telling the truth about it.”

For more information and updates on the Coronavirus, check out the CDC website.

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