Kavanaugh Possible Outcome

The Kavanaugh possible outcome of his bid to ascend to the Supreme Court has been the most politicized nomination hearing in our lifetime. Let’s look at what has unfolded and what it means.

Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. stopped into the WINK News studio today to shed light on the raucous nomination hearing that has gripped the nation. It may have begun with a lone accuser of sexual assault when they were teenagers, but has unfolded into much more.

No one knows for sure if he did what he was accused of or not, although President Trump — as well as many senators, and Fox News commentators –, initially noted that Dr. Blasey Ford was credible during her testimony.   President Trump then back-tracked at a rally, mocking Dr. Blasy Ford. Republicans and Democrats alike were taken back and condemned the attack.

Since then, two others have come forward alleging sexual assault against Kavanaugh. The Republican senators seemed uninterested, pushing forward to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Then, Senator Flake of Arizona, along with others, said they wouldn’t vote without an F.B.I. an investigation, which the president authorized.

During the testimony of Mr. Kavanaugh, he was aggressive, ducted questions, and cried.  Some Republican Senators said it was a shameful smear attack on a good man. Others cited Mr. Kavanaugh’s behavior, more than the charges against him that were 30+ years old, as a reason to oppose his nomination. In an article in The Hill, Kavanaugh’s behavior during the Senate hearing triggered “More than 650 law professors nationwide signed a letter urging the Senate to reject Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, citing concerns about his temperament during a Senate Judiciary Hearing last week. ”

Now the situation has gotten more complicated. Senator Flake is not seeking re-election. Senator Murkowski of Alaska indicates she will oppose the nomination. And Susan Collins of Maine is also a question mark.

Kavanaugh Possible Outcome

In this segment, Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., who is a career clinical psychologist and political psychologist provides some insights.



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