Democrat Candidates All Together on a Single Stage

With the Democrat candidates all together on a single stage, voters got to see the frontrunners take questions side by side. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D.  join WinK News Cmapgin Central to discuss winners and losers.

After several debates the democrat candidates were finally narrowed down to ten, thus allowing them all to share the same stage on the same night for the first time. It is has been fairly obvious from early that it will come down to a field of five: the front runners Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders,  followed by Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. Although, with newly focused attention on the final ten, some might argue that capable candidates such as Cory Booker could find an audience and make a run. But it’s not likely.

Beto O’Rourke finally stepped in a way his followers have been yearning for. The question remains, will it matter? Can he move the poll numbers to make him a credible challenger for the nomination?

According to CNN Politics, the first 30 minutes of any debate receives the highest viewership, and this, they say, is when Biden was at his best. Most commentators said Biden was the big winner, Castro the big loser, with Warren not doing badly, but not gaining either.

Dr. Bart Rossi noted that Biden wasn’t outstanding, but he was good and very good at times, and that was enough to be the big winner of the night.

The bigger question, however, is Buttigieg correct when he suggests that the debates are becoming unwatchable?  Are they really debates at all, or just momentary sound bites? When a candidate makes a sound-bite statement that resonated with the crowd they’d cheer. But unless it is discussed in a back and forth, the strength and reason for one’s position remain unknown. And according to Dr. Rossi, it is the exchange of ideas that matter. Moreover, it is the ability for a candidate to articulate the reasoning of their support or lack thereof for an idea that gives viewers an inside look to who they are. And in the current debate format, that is something that is severely lacking, allowing Amy Klobuchar to get applause for repeating the line “A house divided will not stand.”

One of the few one-liners that could resonate with voters came from Joe Biden. When asked if he had the resilience, and where it comes from, he simply noted — “purpose.”

Democrat Candidates All Together on a Single Stage

In this episode [plitical psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi discusses the first single-stage democratic debate.  Who won? Who lost? and why.

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