Developing a Winning Personality

Developing a winning personality isn’t as simple as one might imagine, or necessarily, embody the traits they expected.  As schooling is looking to reopen, some have graduated, and what is next for them?

The school year got thrown into chaos with the spread of the Coronavirus. By most accounts, the significant date was March 15th, when New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo order schools to close. However, New York City mayor Bill DiBlasio wanted them to remain open. As the New Yorker Magainze writes in their recent article, there are complex questions to reopening the school systems.

For college students, their final year of education was thrown into disarray when the onset of COVID19, and many completed the year with virtual classes.

But as the class of 2020 leaves school behind to join the workforce, their careers may run into a brick wall.

If you graduated aiming for a career in the hospitality or leisure industry, it has suffered a 47% job loss, accounting for 7.7 million jobs in the past months.

Health care experienced a loss of 1.4 million jobs, while the foodservice industry saw a loss of 5.5 million (source: NBC News, May 7, 2020)

For recently-graduating students, however, Dr. Bart Rossi suggests that due to the situation, it can serve as a learning curve.

“Taking a job that you didn’t intend, can at times provide life lesson information you wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.”

The Coronavius has upended everyone’s life, kids, teens, adults, and recent graduates.

And sometimes, the only option is to navigate the challenge and endure the hardship.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as 5 major industries plan to reopen, and many lost jobs should come back as the economy bounces back.

Regardless of what students learned in college, and their upcoming job prospects, Dr. Rossi suggests that the most valuable thing a student can learn is how to self-assess — and develop — their own personality traits. There are many important traits one must have to be successful in their career, and in life.

Developing a Winning Personality

In this episode, Dr. Rossi delves more into the winning personality, a theme he comes back to year after year. He talked about during the 2016 presidential campaigns. And according to him, any success one might have begins here.

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