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Donald Trump May Need A Psychiatrist

Donald Trump may need a psychiatrist according to members of Congress, and the Congressman from California wants to file a Bill requiring an in-house psychiatrist to help the president with the pressures of the office. But many have said prior, and questioning again whether the president is a narcissist personality.  In two separate segments clinical psychiatrist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD and Dr. Gail Saltz weigh in with their thoughts.

We’ve seen president Trump fight with celebrities, the braggadocio, the lies, and the changing position on a dime. The commentator asks Dr. Rossi that when you hear the egocentric and narcissistic does this apply?

According to Dr. Bart Rossi, when you look at  Donald Trump’s behavior, he is displaying classic narcissism traits. He is displaying this on the national and world stage, and “in my view he is a narcissist of a serious magnitude.” President Trump needs to be the center of attention, he says, and if he sees something as true in his own mind then it has to be right in the real world. I dont see him at this stage being capable of fulfilling the role of a national leader.

The people around him?

The people that he has surrounded himself are people he can dominate, Dr. Rossi says. To the point that if president Trump says something is true — even if it isn’t — they then go and say it must be true because the president says so.

And what of the dark world view of president Trump? Dr. Rossi says is helps a narcissist to have a dark world view. Donald Trump is the guy who is going to fix everything, the only guy who can according to the President. And without such a dark world view how else could he make America great again if its not terrible to start with. Moreover Dr. Rossi says, as he he challenged more and more I think he is likely to become more narcissistic and more uncontrollable.

Donald Trump May Need A Psychiatrist



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