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Dr Bart Reviews Trump vs Ryan and Bernie Sanders Motives

Dr Bart Reviews Trump vs Ryan and Bernie Sanders motives on Campaign Central, WINK-TV.  Will Trump acquiesce? Will Ryan? Does either need to? And what about bernie, what’s his end game?

The psychology of this G.O.P. conflict is quite interesting. According to Dr. Rossi “I don’t expect compromise from Donald Trump; he thinks he can win without the leadership,\. And if he does blow off the leadership his followers will love it.  On the other side, he recognizes that unity could help him. Ryan might compromise a bit, though not much, and I wouldn’t expect Mr. Trump to alter his strategy from what he has been doing all along — playing the authoritarian.”

Bernie Sanders has proven he is an authentic personality, and Hillary — providing she goes on the win the nomination — has to think about what kind of platform she can give Bernie Sanders in exchange for his support and those of his supporters. VP is an option, but she had other people in mind for that, so she has some serious decisions to make, and she has her own policy agendas that she’ll want to  stick to. ”

Dr Bart Reviews Trump vs Ryan and Bernie Sanders Motives

Watch the full segment HERE on WINK-TV Campaign Central 




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