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Dr. Bart Rossi Analyzes NH Results

Trump and Sanders are big winners, Kasich a surprise, and Rubio a big loser: political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD.  analyzes NH results on WINK TV News.

Trump finished big on the one hand, but yet there are still 65% of the voters that don’t like him; don’t like what he stands for. According to Dr. Rossi Trump is attracting mostly angry people, those that are frustrated with our government and simply need someone to lead their trumpet call.  At the same time he is egocentric, abrasive, and narcissistic. How the GOP deals with him is yet to be seen.

John Kasich only got the second most GOP votes, but he seems to be a much more viable candidate; he is popular in Ohio, has a likable personality, a sensible approach, has good economic ideas how to move the country forward, is more moderate and less confrontational — he, according to Dr. Rossi is the adult in the room. He has in Dr. Rossi’s opinion the basis of a winning personality, and though he has a rough road to travel, he can’t be counted out.

Dr. Bart Rossi Analyzes NH Results

Rubio is done. After his lack of performance in the debate, Dr. Rossi said “How does he come back from that? I don’t believe he can.”

Hillary Clinton, according to Dr. Rossi needs to come up with talking points and ideas that Bernie Sander’s followers will hear.  She needs to reach out and say “I want a fair tax system too; I want everyone to pay their equal share.”

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