Dr. Bart Rossi Analyzes the Bill Cosby Court Decision

Bill Cosby was convicted Thursday of drugging and molesting a woman. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi analyzes the Bill Cosby court decision  to explain what the conviction means, and what may be next for the comedian.

Bill Cosby was America’s dad for generations. The easy-going, funny, approachable guy that became the face of Jello pops.  He was the reasonable dad on sitcoms that endeared him to American audiences.

But after decades of allegations, Bill Cosby finally had his day in court, and it didn’t turn out well for him. The conviction shatters the image that he built throughout his career, and reveals a dark predator in its place.

So what does it all mean in todays MeToo! movement? What is next for Cosby?

Dr. BArt Rossi, PhD, a career clinical psychologist, and an on-air political psychologist talks about Bill Cosby’s future and his convictions impact on the American psyche.

Dr. Bart Rossi Analyzes the Bill Cosby Court Decision



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