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Dr. Bart Rossi Compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP Debate

Dr. Bart Rossi compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP debate for the Daily News. He evaluated their showings by comparing personalities, likability, consistency and presidential tenor.

Dr. Bart Rossi evaluatesDr. Rossi, (a PhD in clinical psychology and EMMY award-winning political psychologist) joined Fred Siegel (senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute and former advisory to Rudy Giuliani), and Meenekshi Bose (Director of Hofstra University’s Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency) as they each analyzed the substance, personalities and performances of the candidates, comparing them in head-to-head evaluations.

The article also evaluated the overall debate, as the article authors Cameron Joseph and Celeste Katz also weighted in with quotes from candidates and others to present a full picture of the night’s debate.

Read Dr. Rossi’s view on “A Winning Personality” and “Winning Campaign.”

If Jeb Bush can win his party nomination, how will he compare to Hillary Clinton in a showdown.  Read Dr.Rossi’s thoughts here.

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