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Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Analyzes Lead Up to Super Tuesday 2016

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Analyzes lead up to Super Tuesday 2016 on WINK News Campaign Central. Trump continues his assaults and picks up more delegates. Where does Cruz and Rubio go from here?

“According to Dr. Rossi they (Cruz and Rubio) have under-performed. Cruz doesn’t have strong establishment backing, Rubio only has 1 state won, so where is their pathway to the nomination?

In the video segment he points out that Trump has continued his verbal assaults and made arrogance an art form. he has essentially created a new brand for the GOP and become the face of the party; a party that doesn’t seem to particularly want him as their nominee, and is grappling with how to deal with him.

Trump has marketing himself we’ll; he may by narcissistic, but he has presented his personality authentically to the public and they are buying into it. Dr. Rossi predicts that the GOP race is over,now, even before March 15th,  and Trump the winner.

Hillary has attracted an overwhelming amount of delegates, but as Dr. Rossi pointed out, she is a better candidate because of Bernie Sanders. he pushed her. He came out of nowhere and connected with people on an emotional level while Hillary was pitching intellectual ideas of her plans. She has watched him and picked up some things that she has incorporated.

“I think it’s a two person race now, and that very soon Trump and Hillary will start going after each other. It’s going to be two different personas and ideas in a very dynamic race,” noted Dr. Rossi.



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