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Dr. Bart Rossi With Election Primary Analysis on CBS

Dr. Bart Rossi With election primary Analysis on CBS WINK News. Bernie and Hillary, Trump vs. Cruz and Kasich – the battle continues.

When asked if he thought Bernie would still be in the race, Dr. Rossi says that he doesn’t think anyone did in the early days. But he is here because he has he has projected himself as an authentic person. And he has resonated with people about the financial equality in America — that the 1% get breaks on taxes, education, etc.

Asked if — and when — Bernie should bow out, Dr. Rossi thinks that he is not going to win the nomination. But he is hanging around because he has a message he wants to trumpet. But at some point he will have to find an exit strategy

Dr. Bart Rossi With Election Primary Analysis on CBS

On the GOP side, despite a winning personality, Kasich has even fewer delegates than Cruz, so where is he possible going? The psychology around the GOP nomination is in Trump’s favor. If he has the most delegates and the GOP found a loophole to nominate someone else, the public may very well not go along.   Trump has done a good job to make the case that there is collusion among the GOP to use unfair rules to cheat him, and the American people are buying into it, “I agree too,” say Dr. Rossi.

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Primary Analysis with Dr. Bart Rossi




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