VP candidate report card with Dr. Rossi

VP Candidate Performaces: Dr. Rossi Featured in Daily News Panel to Rate Them

In VP candidate  debate, Dr. Bart Rossi is featured in New York City’s Major newspaper, the New York Daily News, rating the performances of  vice president Joe Biden and  Congressman Paul Ryan.

left to right: Larry Sabato, Sharyn O’Halloran, Jon Cruz and Dr. Bart Rossi.

VP candidate debate report card

Did Vice president  Joe Biden and Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan make the grade?

HEADLINE: Our Daily News political team watched the VP debate with a panel of experts including the Bronx Science debate team coach and a political psychologist. See how they grade the two candidates vying for veep.

The panel rated each vp candidate on the merits of Substance, Style, and Likability, then offered a summary take-away and a grade.

Each had their own take on the VP candidate debate, click below to see what they had to say, and why.

View what Doctor Rossi and the rest of the panel had to say HERE


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