Election 2020 Psychology

Election 2020 Psychology was the discussion on NBC Miami this week. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. provides his view on Trump, Biden, and Sanders.

The presidential campaign season has been long. It’s at times been confounding. Until just the past few weeks, there were so many Democratic candidates voters remained unsure of who to support.

The South Carolina primary changed everything. Joe Biden’s campaign came to life. Some would say back from the dead. With a rebounding win with 48% and 39 delegates, Biden was suddenly the candidate to beat.

What followed has been a wave of support as Biden takes command and is now the expected nominee.

Dr. Rossi noted that people don’t usually vote until the last minute to choose a candidate. This year is different, he says.

“People tend to make up their minds ahead of time, and rarely change.” But this year there were different factors at play. And among the top factor was “electability.”

Dr. Rossi has often spoken of “a winning campaign including a winning personality.” This includes being authentic, comfortable in one’s own skin, being a good listener, and consistent. Dr. Rossi has spoken about these traits many times and questioned (in 2015) whether there was a winning personality in the race of 2016.  Moreover, does Bernie Sanders have a winning personality?

No doubt that Bernie Sanders has an energized following. But is it enough?

Election 2020 Psychology

Bernie vs Biden, what is the psychology of this election? Policy ideas, experience, electability? Dr. Bart Rossi delves into this and more as he discusses the election 2020 psychology.

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