Election Impact of Hurricane Michael

Election impact of Hurricane Michael was the topic today on WINK News. With the midterm elections less than a month away, does the Hurricane and the White House response to it impact voter moods? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. spoke with us about the psychology of natural disasters and elections.

Coming off one of the most contentious Supreme Court nomination hearings in memory, the midterms will be affected by that, as well as people’s perception of a roaring economy (though the Stock Market has been faltering in the last week).

Ever since Donald Trump got swept into the White House and the G.O.P.’s willingness to overlook some of his most outrageous statements and actions, whether that whirlwind will continue will depend on the midterm elections in November.  The power currently enjoyed by President Trump and the G.O.P. could be in jeopardy.

Election Impact of Hurricane Michael

From health care to immigration, tax cuts to foreign policy, and even the President being vocal in support, or condemnation, of private businesses, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have been deeply divided over President Trump — and in some instances the Republican-controlled Congress.

The United States has contended with quite a few natural disasters since Trump took office.  According to him, he gets an A+, but to many others, especially in Puerto Rico, his administration has fallen short.

Will the administration’s handling of Hurricane Michael impact the psychology of voters during the midterm elections?



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