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The Final Debate Analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD

The Final Debate analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD. dosn’t fair well for Donald Trump. Using his clinical psychology background fused with his credibility as the WINK News political analyst he weighs in on what happened and what any of it meant.

Dr. Rossi summed up a quote from Winston Churchill taking about initial success vs. lasting success, and questioned Donald Trump as a long term winning personality. When asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he (Trump) would concede if losing for the good of the country coming together, Trump said he’d answer it then, and keep everyone in suspense.

Dr. Rossi noted that this is is very grandiose, which gives us insight to his personality, portraying a narcissistic view of things. Of course it will get a lot of attention, which may have been the point.

Donald continued to insert insults as Mrs. Clinton was speaking. But she took his insults and seemed to spin it back to him, and it seemed Trump was agitated.

I don’t see that his performance has helped him with anyone outside his existing base.

Watch the 3 minute clip for more of Dr. Rossi’s insights on this last debate.

The Final Debate Analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD

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