Final Presidential Debate 2020

The final Presidential Debate 2020 was a change from the previous. Political psychologist and commentator Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses with WINK News.

The presidential debates have been nothing if not political theater in 2020. The previously scheduled debate was concealed, and the first was a sideshow of interruptions and character assassination.

This second, and last, debate before election day, was by all comparisons more productive. The commission on presidential debates deployed a mute switch for the microphones, to disallow the candidates speak interrupt, or speak over one another. As such it was easier for the viewers to discern what the candidates were saying. Moreover, there seemed to be more policy discussions.

There were takeaways from the debate, as pointed out in this article with commentary directly to the transcript.  Of course, ‘takeaways’ are subjective, and it’s no surprise that Fox saw it differently than most others, saying, ‘Trump articulated beautifully why he wants to be our leader for another term.’

Final Presidential Debate 2020

In this episode, Dr. Rossi is asked about the psychological effect of the Iranian and Russian interference emails (disguised as The Proud Boys), takeaways from the debate, and his thoughts on the issues voters are most concerned about

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