Florida Voters 2020 Presidential Election

The race to capture Florida voters 2020 Presidential Election vote is key to winning the White House.  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. was in the WINK News studio to discuss what it will take to win the Sunshine State.

Clearly, the most dominant focus in the 2020 election will be Trump. Much like Hillary Clinton, people are supporters or non-supporters, with few, if any, in the middle.  And while he continues to pander to his strong base, he hasn’t done much, if anything, to widen his appeal beyond them.

American politics is always focused on Republican vs Democrats. But, in Florida, like many other states, it is the independents that will be the key.

As we saw in 2000, Florida is always a contemptuous state. Many believe G.W. Bush stole the election from Al Gore, with the final election count pushed all the way to the Supreme Court.  Gore won the popular vote, but Bush captured the White House. It played similar in 2016 with Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, but Trump winning the White House.

With 67 counties, Florida is a diverse electorate. With Trump kicking off his 2020 re-election bid with a Florida rally, the question remains: who will capture the independents?

But Trump still has hurdles to get over without any clear wins on foreign affairs. he withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement without any strategy in place as he ramps up a confrontation. Talks with North Korea have gone nowhere, as he first relied on namecalling, then being Kim’s buddy, then walking out of the summit. Healthcare reforms remain unchanged, and illegal immigration soars to a humanitarian crisis level.

Can the centrist message of Joe Biden strike a cord? What about the more aggressive message by Kamala Harris, or the progressive messages by Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders? With so many Democrats competing for the nomination, the Presidential 2020 Democratic Debate will thin the field.

Florida voters 2020 Presidential Election

What kind of candidate can reach a broad spectrum to resonate to that electorate? Dr. Rossi says a winning personality is important. Will the independents come out to vote this year? If so, who has the message that will get their vote? Dr. Bart Rossi in this episode discusses some things to look for.



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