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What the Trump and Clinton Losses Mean in the Wisconsin Primary Results

What the Trump and Clinton losses in the Wisconsin Primary results mean according to political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. analyzes the cause and effects. he appears on the WINK-TV Campaign Central set to discuss with

With New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California coming up, Dr. Rossi feels Trump can make a big comeback with strong followings in those states. “He has undermined himself of late, but if he returns to the authoritative figure he has been, he’ll get there in time for the convention.”

Wisconsin Primary Results

However, the math is tough for both candidates. From a psychological standpoint, Dr. Rossi says that because both are so extreme — even for the GOP — they both have obstacles ahead. And Kadich stands alone where virtually nowhere to go.

Moving to the Democrats, Dr. Rossi says that in the entire campaign Sanders is really the winner, whether he gets the nomination or not. He has showed up and competed in a campaign that most saw as a long shot at best, and he has done that by presenting himself as fair, honest — probably the most honest of all the candidates –, intelligent, and concerned.

When asked if Hillary needs to change tactics Dr. Rossi says yes. “I think that if she could project a sense of fairness, perhaps through a flat-tax, she could unite the party.  Bernie as a Vice President is also not a bad idea.”

“While I’m not a financial expert, I do know psychology and I think this would resonate with independents, moderates and perhaps even a republican or two.”

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