Healthy Relationship

Do you have a healthy relationship or a toxic one? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Dr. Bart Rossi joins Wink News to discuss relationships, mental health and more.

Many people never stop to assess their relationship; they’re in it, that is the way it is, and they endure as needed. That doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship, does it?

It’s not. No one said relationships are easy, even though some come together like hand and glove. But to find a hand in glove relationship, you have to know what one looks like. You also have to be emotionally balanced and ready for one.

Healthy Relationship

In this episode of WINK News, Dr. Bart Rossi, Phh.D., a clinical psychologist, provides some simple clues of what to look for in a good relationship, and how to spot a bad one.



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