High Anxiety In the White House

Is there high anxiety in the White House? And if so, then what is the cause of it? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. addresses these and other points on 360 Market Watch.

Dr. Rossi has never been shy about his opinions of Candidate and/or President Trump. There were speeches Trump gave where Dr. Rossi noted where Trump carried himself well.

But in this episode. the discussion as from a higher viewpoint, sprawling over all that is happening. He wonders, for example, why everyone around the president, as well as the president himself, has lied about Russian contacts — they all denied “any” contacts in 2016: that is a flat out lie. Several of his team have pled guilty to lying, and the president, we’ll, simply go back and watch his speeches and interviews “I have no contact with Russia, I have no business with Russia, I have no potential business with Russia or anyone from Russian”.

So is the Meuller investigation circling in closer as the drop, drip, drip of truth leaks out? And is this, as well as other investigations revealing misconduct by the president and his family (having to shutter their foundation for criminal misconduct and self-dealing) the cause of the high anxiety in the White House?

High Anxiety In the White House

In this episode of 360 Market Watch, Dr. Rossi believes to understand the anxiety swirling about the White House, you have to better understand the personality traits of the president himself. He touches on the overview, as well the claims by others of narcissism. But also says the president suffers from a thought disturbance, resulting in him to actually believe many of the lies he puts forth, even though they are easily fact-checked to be untrue. This would include the claims that “Omaba wire-tapped me”, along with many things he claims he said or didn’t say, of which there is are videos of him contradicted what he wants people to believe.

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