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Hillary Clinton Will Win The Presidency 2016

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency 2016 — according to an article entitled “Analysis on 2016 Primary Presidential election” in New Theory. The article was based on the opinions of political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi Phd.

According to Dr. Bart Rossi,  Hillary Clinton will win the presidency 2016 because she projects herself as a stronger candidate than the rest. He says that throughout the current media frenzy she effectively knows how to differentiate herself from Trump.

“Hillary has touched more than just the heart of the public, but their brains,” he says.  She presents herself in a way that is specific, and targets people who can understand what she can do.

Dr. Rossi though also feels that she needs to come up with realistic tax plan that the Republicans can support, and stop “the wealth only going to the wealthy” as Bernie Sanders had stated.

Rossi has noted that Cruz has helped Trump by criticizing the GOP, saying the system is rigged, the rules are lousy. trump jumped on it making Cruz look bad, as though Cruz  was  implying that someone should come, change the rules, and then begin presidency.

Read the entire article on New Theory HERE




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