How to Talk About The Coronavirus

How to talk about the coronavirus with facts vs. fear.  There has been very confusing narratives floating around the country. Kids and seniors need to know the facts, and kids need to know the what, how, and why.

If you were one of those that was outside after the initial lockdown began,  it was a bit unsettling. Malls and parking lots previously teaming with people on any given day were suddenly vacant. It really did feel like the day after the apocalypse.

Most big cities, and some smaller cities and towns, are however now under “Stay Home” orders from many Governors. Cooped up in their homes with no end in sight, there are things families can do to relieve that pressure.

In a recent article by the Science Times, they noted that

as of this morning, officials have documented nearly 190,000; the death toll neared 4100. Even President Donald Trump—who just 1 month ago claimed the virus was “very much under control”—has warned that the pandemic is about to get much worse.

As the pandemic spreads, President Trump’s notion that spring would cause it to dissipate “like magic” now seemed like wishful thinking. In Buenos Aires where temperatures have been in the 70s, the virus continues to spread with a death toll of 49.  And, if you break quarantine you’ll be arrested officials said.

How to Talk About The Coronavirus

With such horrific news loading the TVs every day, it is more important than ever that we talk to our kids and explain what is happening; why they can’t go outside as usual; how long it may last, and what it all means. Dr. Bart Rossi joins Wink News to discuss.

If you want to contribute something to the cause, Stay Home, and you can purchase a wristband to raise money for healthcare workers who are out there risking their lives fighting for you.

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