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The Impact on Florida of a Trump Presidency

The Impact on Florida of a Trump Presidency hits on many topics, among them Medicaid/ Medicare, immigration, Cuba, and Climate Change. Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD stops by the WINK News studio to discuss the psychology behind these issues

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Some of the biggest issues on the table for President-elect Donald Trump are very important here to Florida. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi broke down the psychology behind the decisions that need to be made.

Florida is at risk because of climate change, but president-elect called it a hoax perpetrated by China,. Can he, and will he pivot on this as Florida is vulnerable to violent weather shifts in the changing climate patterns.

Immigration too is an issue in Florida where there is a high percentage of immigrants. Trump says he is going to be very tough, but President Reagan — who in some ways Trump co-opted some his talking points — said that if people are here, paying taxes, pledging allegiance to this country, they should stay. What will trump do? This segues into the tough talk Trump has made about Cuba. We can approach this issue by confronting Cuba, or engaging Cuba, the latter of which Obama has done with a set of complex and integrated agreements. Will Trump be too tough and risk U.S. job loss of tourism, trade and other things, or pivot to find the right balance?

Another hot topic for Floridians is healthcare. many who supported Trump are working families that depend on Medicaid and Medicare, especially in the rural areas. How will they be affected if Trump dismantles the current system?

 The Impact on Florida of a Trump Presidency

What Trump’s administration means for Florida




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