Impact of Natural Disasters on Politicians

The impact of natural disasters on politicians can be different than it is on you or me. Dr. Bart Rossi, political psychologist Ph.D., sat down to discuss the issue at WINK News This Morning.

With hurricane Florence baring down on the Carolinas, people there are at risk. Presidents have always risen or fallen on the way they handle natural disasters or a the least, the way people perceive their handling of them.

FEMA has long been the government agency that deals with natural disasters, usually coordinating with state and city officials and agencies.

Natural disasters for President’s are a neon sign of their ability to handle crisis management. And, how well they’ve prepared their teams before a crisis arises.

So it was odd for President Trump to bring up hurricane Maria. It devasted Puerto Rico, leaving 3,000 deaths, and no power or water in its wake. He claims he did a great job. He claims that the death toll was fake numbers. Tjat they were put forth by Democrats intent on making him look bad.

However, in the midst of a potential disaster happening in real-time for the Carolinas, people wonder “Why would he even bring up the Maria discussion now?”

Dr. Bart Rossi, a political psychologist weighs in on his thoughts in this episode.

Impact of Natural Disasters on Politicians



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