Impeachment Perceptions

Impeachment perceptions vary among voters. Is there information overload?  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. provides insights.

The impeachment inquiry of President Trump is sucking up all the oxygen in Washington D.C. If one were writing a reality TV series script, they likely could not have written anything more chaotic and divisive than this presidency.

Regardless of where you land politically, this presidency has been divisive. His supporters see one truth and claim the left is blind to it, while the left makes the same claim about the right. And in the middle, a president that loves to fan the flames with rhetoric and reckless policy decisions.

The impeachment inquiry has been no less divisive, with Republicans again chanting Trump’s favorite line “Witch Hunt” and “Hoax”. So, what is the impeachment perception thus far?

Impeachment Rules Vote was to have a formal House vote after Republicans claim that the inquiry was not legitimate because there had not yet been a vote. Then Republicans claimed there was no Quid Pro Quo, but if there was evidence beyond the call, it would be disturbing. When evidence was presented, Lynsey Graham stated he wouldn’t read any of it; that the whole inquiry was a “Witch Hunt.”

Day One of the public testimony outlined the larger story of a bribery plot, and irregular back channels and private agendas. The second day of hearings we heard from Marie Yovanovitch about what occurred; what she saw and heard.
Will the public hearings have any impact on voter perception? Or is everyone too deep into their respective bubbles that they see and hear what they choose to?

Impeachment Perceptions

In this episode of WINK News This Morning, Dr. Rossi talks about impeachment perceptions and ‘selective perception’ among other things.


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