Insight into The NY Times Op-Ed Resistance

Insight into The NY Times Op-Ed resistance article with the political psychologist, Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. He stopped into the CBS affiliate WINK News to discuss the impact and effects of the article on President Trump, as well as his administration.

When the scathing Op-Ed article [written by someone inside the Trump administration and signed anonymously] was published, it raised questions and started a firestorm.

There have been plenty of voices both supporting and denouncing the article. The President himself came out swinging. He questioned whether the NY Times in fact even had an anonymous author. But if they did, he said, he wanted their name ‘because of national security.’ Still, however, he insists it is all lies.

Lyndsey Graham and other Republicans have come to the president’s defense. Despite Graham calling Trump ‘ a kook’ and ‘batsh*t crazy’ during the 2016 campaign, he now says anyone who thinks Trump is crazy doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Insight into The NY Times Op-Ed Resistance

Vice President Pense — along with everyone else in the cabinet — has made statements that it wasn’t them. Then again, if you signed it anonymously, why would you take ownership now? said they didn’t do it.

Why would someone sign it anonymously? Should they have written it at all? Should they have resigned first?   Dr. Bart Rossi tackles these and many questions in this episode.



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