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Iowa Caucus Analysis

Iowa caucus analysis on WINK News Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD., a political psychologist felt Rubio came out a big winner. Cruz upset the Trump campaign and the question remains whether Ted Cruz can appeal to a wide GP base, where Rubio can.

According to political psychologist Dr. Rossi PhD., Hillary did well winning Iowa, a tough state for her, even if only by a thin margin. The Sanders campaign has momentum and is claiming a tie, and will likely go on to win New Hampshire. Dr. Rossi sys “Sander has a winning personality, and while is policies he has not yet adequately explained how he will pay for his policy agendas, his message that politics is not just for the rich is taking hold.”

The race will get interesting to see if Bernie Sanders can keep that momentum going. On the GOP side Dr. Rossi feels that Rubio has positioned himself well, and can appeal to the broader GOP base than Cruz.

Iowa Caucus Analysis

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