Jan 6th Commission News

The Jan 6th commission has become a partisan battle as the GOP refuses to investigate the Capital assault. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses the impact.

It seems almost inconceivable that after the assault on the Capital, both parties wouldn’t rush to investigate it to avoid it ever happening again. The last time the Capital was breached was briefly by the British in the war of 1812. So you’d think both parties would want to investigate the security failures. No so. The GOP has decided to avoid the topic. When they do have to discuss it, they’re attempting to rewrite history. Americans and people around the world watched the insurrection play out in real-time on television. Yet Rep Andrew Clyde (R-GA) suggested in a Congressional hearing that the rioters were “walking orderly through statuary hall.” He said that if you didn’t know the video was from January 6th, you’d think it was tourists on any given day. Many other Republicans have made other, yet also, ridiculous comments to white-wash the events of the day.

While Kevin McCarthy did not support a bi-partisan commission investigation, the bill passed the House of Representatives, with 35 Republicans voting yes. His refusal to support the bill is confusing considering his comments back in January.

When the bill came to the Senate, McConnell showed his influence over the conference when he came out against the bill. Some senators that indicated that they’d vote yes, suddenly voted no. And McConnell also seems to have reversed course from his remarks from January.

Jan 6th Commission News

In this episode, Dr. Bart Rossi appears on WINK News to discuss not only the Jan 6th Commission but also White House diversity.


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