Joe Biden’s Campaign

Joe Biden’s campaign raised $6.4 million on his first day after throwing in his hat of the 2020 presidential race. He’s well known, can play it as a moderate, and he is likable. But how does age play, can he build the following that Sanders has? There are more questions than answers.

According to Politico, Joe Biden secured more first-day campaign funding than any other candidate in the Democratic field, well ahead of expectations. He threw a fundraiser on the day of his announcement, which was hosted at the Philadelphia home of a Comcast executive.

Biden was quoted as saying

People think Iowa and New Hampshire are the first test It’s not. The first 24 hours. That’s the first test,” Biden told them, according to three participants in a Wednesday conference call with him.

Politico noted that he’s “leading in national and most early state polls, and also in congressional endorsements. As FiveThirtyEight notes, ‘His case to win the 2020 Democratic nomination is fairly simple: As Barack Obama’s two-term vice president, he’s the most familiar brand in the field. He’s ahead in the polls (it’s emphatically not a tie for the lead with Bernie Sanders; Biden’s polling is quite a bit better‘.

According to the NY POST, Biden entered the race ‘declaring that the next election will be “a battle for the soul of this nation.’

Joe Biden’s Campaign

With all the enthusiasm around Joe Biden’s announcement, there are also questions swirling about — Can he build a following such as Bernie Sanders has? Will age play a part amidst a younger field of candidates?  Can he shake loose some of the baggage he carries on questionable moves he made in the Senate?

In this episode, political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. shares his views on Biden’s likability, gaffs and more.



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