Juror Stress

The juror stress that must have been present in the JUmmy Rogers guilty verdict is discussed on this week’s edition of WINK News with clinical psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D.

Jimmy Rogers was on trial for participating in the murder of Teresa Sievers. He was recently found guilty of that charge., while the other two accused are to be tried for first-degree murder, separately.

Many people watch murder trials for the intrigue of it all. Jurors, on the other hand, are in it. And they undergo a wide set of stress factors that they have to deal with. The Sievers murder was a particularly gruesome case. In testimony, the medical examiner said there was no way to know how many assailants there were, or how many hammers were used!.

To sit through the testimony and prosecution presentation of the murder detail would no doubt be traumatizing. But there are other juror stress points present as well. These might include:

  1. what witnesses do you believe?
  2. how will you come to the correct conclusion?
  3. are your views at odds with other jurors?
  4. conflict between believing the accused guilty, but a moral objection to — in this case — the death penalty.

Cutis Wright, one of the accused, took a plea deal [25-years in prison] in cooperation with the prosecutors, He testified against his co-conspirators.

Mark Sievers is scheduled for trial on November 12.

Juror Stress

In this episode of WINK News, Dr. Bart Rossi delves into the many aspects of stress that jurors are confronted with.




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