Kids and Winning Personalities

Kids and winning personalities are not an assured thing. We all know from our own lives that kids and teens stumble and evolve, or withdraw. Psychologist Bart Rossi, Ph.D. is in the studio to discuss insights.

As children go through grade school and high school their personality is emerging. And while down they are who they are, outside influences can shape what they ultimately show to the world. This was wonderfully depicted in a song by Harry Chapin (sung here on the Tonight Show decades ago).

So as parents there is a duel task: help children not only explore their passions and view of the world around them, but also encourage them to express it.

While a child can be innately extroverted or introverted, teachers, friends, and people in positions of power can impact how that emerges, or doesn’t.

Beyond nurturing the innate personality a child may possess, parents can also teach and guide. This includes provides how to navigate the world around them. Teaching and social norm as a basepoint. Explaining how the world works. Ideas on how to engage with people. How to deal with anger and stress.  While kids can’t decide “who they are,” they can self-determine how they will interact.

The writer and philosopher had a wonderful quote to live by:

“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

Kids and Winning Personalities

In this episode Dr. Bart Rossi discussion ideas for parents to ponder, and perhaps, pass on to their children.



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