Looming Government Shutdown 2018

With a looming government shutdown 2018, in December, is the third act this year pitting the president and Congress offs over the now famous ‘border wall.’  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. stopped into the studio to discuss he views on it.

At the center of the battle, again, is the president’s demand for billions of dollars for his ‘border wall.’  Despite not getting it, President Trump has long stated that construction of the wall — as he promised on the campaign trail — had begun.

“We’ve started building the wall,” he proclaimed in remarks with Baltic leaders on April 3

“We’ve already started building it,” Trump said in West Virginia on April 5. “We have a billion-six. We’ve started building it and fixing miles and miles of wall that’s already up — and fence. And we’re going to have our wall.”

It hasn’t. What has occurred is some reinforcement efforts of the existing barrier that exists. The $1.3 billion passed by Congress on March 23, 2018, comes with restrictions, including:

  • $251 million for “secondary fencing” near San Diego.
  • $445 million for “primary pedestrian levee fencing” in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • $196 million for “primary pedestrian fencing” in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • $445 million for replacement of primary pedestrian fencing.
  • $38 million for border barrier planning and design.
  • $196 million for border security technology.

Trump is again digging in to demand $25 billion for the wall. This is the same wall that during his presidential campaign he claimed would cost $8 billion, then $10 billion, then $12 billion, which, Mexico would pay for, “believe me!”

Congress is again resisting such expenditures. Many members of both parties claim it is redundant, and won’t solve the illegal immigration problems the country faces.

Looming Government Shutdown 2018

In this episode of WINK News (CBS Florida) Dr. BArt Rossi provides views and insights as to what might be going on in the heads on both sides of the battle.




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